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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications can help to simplify and streamline complicated or convoluted business processes. Clearapps have a wealth of experience in mobile application development and workforce management software development for Android, IOS and Microsoft operating platforms, and our mobile app developers can provide you with a ready-made solution or a bespoke application tailored for your business.

We get to know your business by understanding your daily operational procedures. Using the latest technologies and tapping into native features, we can design and develop a mobile app to solve your business challenge. We will then implement the functionality and provide full training for your entire workforce.

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Paperless solutions for mobile workforce management

Paperless Office

Clearapps offer a one-stop-shop to help you map out the existing paper processes within your business, recommending efficient digital solutions and implementing interoperable workforce software. By digitising these practices, your business can not only free up physical space, but you can expect to make significant cost savings and reduce wasted staff time.

First of all we have a full consultation with you, to capture and analyse your procedures, so that we can spot opportunities for improvement. We will then propose the best solutions for your business, and if you’re happy with our recommendations, implement the new system from design through to integration.

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CMS - Content Management Systems from Clearapps

Content Management Systems

A well-executed Content Management System is essential for businesses that want to optimise their online presence. Clearapps can implement CMS systems designed to meet your business’ varied needs which will allow you to have complete control of your web content.

As well as giving you the capability to edit and manage your web content, we can also provide advanced enterprise options for businesses that require ecommerce solutions, workforce management and multi-lingual sites. Whatever your business capabilities,  our mobile app developers can provide a bespoke solution complete with custom features to suit your needs.

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Bespoke Systems and Applications from Clearapps

Bespoke Solutions

Clearapps design and develop bespoke systems that fit around your business’ specific needs and challenges. Whether it’s a booking system or stock management and system integration, our developers are highly skilled and experienced in building the most complex of applications.

We work closely with you throughout the whole process, so we can accurately capture your business needs and design a system for you that delivers your goals and business objectives. Training and support is provided after the system has been built, allowing you to fully manage your solution after we hand it over to you.

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Five key steps to a more efficient business...

Assess Developing Apps

We provide an in-depth consultation to assess your requirements, allowing us to fully understand your business challenges.

Design assess

We’ll then design your functionality, making sure to closely adhere to your business needs and wants.

Build build

Based on our assessment, we will then build and implement a solution that will maximise your business efficiency.

Implement train

Full training will be given to your entire workforce, so your business is totally in control of your software applications.

Monitor monitor

We will provide on-going support and maintenance after launching your software application, to answer any questions you may have.

Save Time & Money

By streamlining timely business processes, you can significantly cut costs, reduce wasted staff time and improve productivity.

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“Clearapps have taken us from a fully paper based system to a completely paperless office.”

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