Work Management System

Clearapps designed a bespoke work management Ipad Application for a leading security installation specialist to digitally manage and record field based activities.

Our team analysed and mapped out the company’s paper processes, working with them and IT partners, to design, develop and integrate a bespoke mobile workforce mangement application to digitise their existing forms and systems.

The company suggested ways to automate processes, improve data protection and reduce staff time to improve the customer experience, financial and senior management reporting.

Key objectives of the work management project:-

  1. Replace the existing paper based forms with a digital workforce management solution to reduce increasing costs and inefficiencies associated with paper/printing, manual data entry, repeat data entry, data errors, handwritten report translation, document storage and protection.
  2. Ensure data protection and information security through digital management
  3. Improve compliance  – reduce lengthy and time consuming paper trail for recording of drivers movements for health and safety purposes.
  4. Enable real-time sharing of capturing data – improve customer experience by providing real-time, live updates and work management information
  5. Explore opportunities for automation to help speed up form processing and transfer to core systems
  6. Integration with existing Dynamic Maintenance Scheduling System (DMSS)
Mobile Apps

Work Management Solutions from Cleardata

“Clearapps have taken us from a fully paper based system to a completely paperless office. Our processes have been transformed, from labour intensive paper processes, such as form completion and paper based analysis to a smooth, easy to use digital system. It brings our business to the fore-front of modern paperless technology and will definitely give us a competitive edge over other companies.”

Service Manager

What we built and how it benefited the company

Technical Specification

  • Bespoke work management mobile application built on the Apple iOS platform
  • Integrated with a bespoke .NET and SQL based back-office system
  • Integrated into customers existing legacy database
  • Works both off-line and on-line
  • Enables real-time data processing

User friendly interface

The Work Management Ipad application was built with ease of use in mind and provides a user friendly dashboard providing access to all work related functions. Staff have the ability to utilise a job management interface incorporating barcode scanning and photo capture, as well as an out of office function for training, leave and sickness.  Reminder services are also provided  for due, completed and missed jobs.   A company contacts list is provided accessing master company data.

Remote management of jobs and resource allocations

Efficient remote job management solution, allowing back office staff to input jobs straight into the system. This automatically forces the jobs into the appropriate engineer’s iPad, which in turn automatically sends the client reports back, together with time sheets, travel time and completion time.

Compliance and Reporting Systems

Built in Compliance Reporting and Auditing.  Staff are prompted to complete vehicle and PPE checks every seven days. This meets ISO and HSE requirements and provides peace of mind for the road worthiness of vehicles. It also ensures no time is lost on-site. The iPads provide instant access to generic risk assessments, technical references and health and safety manuals, together with the latest revision statements, ensuring compliance regulations are met.   This digital solution has provided a consistent approach for reporting throughout the business, helping to identify key areas of improvement.  Reports include:-

  • Vehicle usage by user
  • Driver endorsements
  • Vehicle fault information.
  • Odometer readings

Improved Financial Management

Financial management is improved through real time information provided. Invoicing is completed faster, due to the instant job reports. Back office staff can see the closed job status straight away on the mobile workforce management system and send out the financial paperwork quickly, providing faster payment and improved cash flow


For further details about Clearapps Workforce Management Solutions call our team on 0800 046 8086.

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